From Faces to Outdoor Light Probes

Image-based lighting has allowed the creation of photo-realistic computer-generated content. However, it requires the accurate capture of the illumination conditions, a task neither easy nor intuitive, especially to the average digital photography enthusiast. This paper presents an approach to directly estimate an HDR light probe from a single LDR photograph, shot outdoors with a consumer…Read More

HDR image reconstruction from a single exposure using deep CNNs

After creating LDR images by applying simulated camera sensor saturation to real HDR photos, the authors trained a model which could perform the inverse LDR->HDR operation and also generalize to previously unseen images. What’s more, they have released their dataset which can be downloaded from their project page. Camera sensors can only capture a limited…Read More

Learning to Predict Indoor Illumination from a Single Image

Here are some superb results with clear implications for lighting workflows. What’s more, The authors intend to release their data set – some 1750 high resolution HDR environment maps – soon. “We propose an automatic method to infer high dynamic range illumina- tion from a single, limited eld-of-view, low dynamic range photograph of an indoor…Read More