Deep Generative Modeling for Scene Synthesis via Hybrid Representations

A recent post demonstrated a data-driven system for indoor scene synthesis. This work is motivated by similar but is noteworthy not only for its results – which allows for repeated inclusion of a given type of object and interpolation of entire scenes – but also the rigorous analysis of their approach which is bound to…Read More

Deep Learning Advances on Different 3D Data Representations: A Survey

Much of the attention surrounding deep learning and its impact on visual effects has focused on image-based techniques, in particular the compelling examples produced by denoising, segmentation, and generative adversarial models. Research continues, however, into application of machine learning to 3D data – meshes, point clouds, voxel grids, and so on – and how to…Read More

Temporally Coherent Video Harmonization Using Adversarial Networks

A over B plus magic equals…..? Compositing is one of the most important editing operations for images and videos. The process of improving the realism of composite results is often called harmonization. Previous approaches for harmonization mainly focus on images. In this work, we take one step further to attack the problem of video harmonization….Read More